The Artist Jutta Halpin

Jutta Halpin

Born and raised in Germany, she entered the US in 1986, when she married her husband Chris and worked as a Dental technician making ceramics. Always doing little art projects, she discovered quilting, as so many others, and made her first quilt for her first born son. Staying home as a new mother, gave her the opportunity to quilt for many other family members and friends. Since a small child in Germany she enjoyed taking pictures.

In her youth she traveled throughout Europe, always taking photos.

So it was only natural that she discovered the pictorial or landscape Quilting. The very first Quilt of this kind she made was based on a poster about the area and town she came from in Germany. It involved mostly appliquéing, hand painting and thread painting.

Ever since then, she primarily recreates fabric pictures, from personal photographs.She is inspired by nature, especially trees. “It is almost like using fabric as a paintbrush”. She likes to use her own dyed or painted silk, cotton, and other fabrics. Techniques she uses include layering fabrics using fusible web, appliquéing, curved piecing and quilting.

Jutta's quilts can now be seen in several exhibits in the Northeast.

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